Your dream project: expert design, flawless installation, and impeccable service

Your dream project: expert design, flawless installation, and impeccable service At Taylorglaze, we understand that your project is not just any undertaking it's one of the most significant endeavours in your life, and getting it right is paramount. That's why we make your project our number one priority, aligning our dedication with yours every step of the way.

Our approach is guided by a robust project process that ensures you receive the full spectrum of our expertise, tailored to your unique vision, and leaves you with the home of your dreams.


The journey begins with your vision. You share your ideas with us, and we embark on a comprehensive analysis of your goals, intended use, and desired aesthetics. Our team pays a visit to your home, taking precise measurements and site assessments.

During this consultation, we offer valuable suggestions to enhance durability, cost-effectiveness, and the final look of your project.

Once you're satisfied with the initial concept, we transform it into detailed plans using advanced computer technology. These plans provide a comprehensive view of your project from every angle, all part of our complimentary design and quotation service.

Above all, we hold you as our top priority, treating your home with the same care and attention as if it were our own.


After approval of the initial plans, an expert from our team visits your home to take meticulous measurements and finalise the installation's placement.

If your project requires planning permission, rest assured, we'll handle the necessary paperwork with your local authority.


What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping every aspect of your project in-house. We do not outsource any installation work, allowing us to vouch for the expertise and professionalism of every member of our team.

We meticulously schedule every step of the process, providing you with clear information about who will be arriving and when. Our team is consistently praised for their punctuality, politeness, and professionalism.


As we near project completion, we ensure that the site is left spotless.

If your project requires plastering, painting, or any other finishing touches to achieve a tidy and polished look, we handle it with the same precision as the installation itself.

Our accrediting associations may reach out to evaluate our work, and we conduct our internal audit process to guarantee your absolute satisfaction with the result.

At Taylorglaze, your dream project is our mission. We are committed to delivering expert design, flawless installation, and impeccable service, making your dream home a reality.