Enhance your home's style and security with versatile composite doors from Taylorglaze

Composite Doors Overview Composite doors are a great front door or back door choice as they combine insulation and design flexibility with the highest standards of security.

Composite doors vary greatly in their appearance with many different panel styles, designs, colours and finishes available as well a substantial selection of glazing options to allow you to achieve your ideal look for your composite doors. This makes them ideal for creating different looks for front doors and back doors.

Composite doors will keep your home warm, quiet and totally secure; they are durable and require virtually no maintenance. Like all Taylorglaze doors, our composite doors are double glazed and fully sealed, using the latest technology and materials to provide excellent insulation and security in your home.

Composite doors from Taylorglaze are so flexible, there’s one to suit all types of homes and budgets. This includes a beautiful selection of decorative glass, custom-built side screens and individual panel designs, plus Taylorglaze composite doors never need painting and won’t fade, rot, chip or crack.

You'll also enjoy total peace of mind with our 10 year guarantee as standard.

Features and benefits

Composite Doors Features and Benefits Double glazing composite doors are aesthetically pleasing and those supplied by Taylorglaze are supplied with the highest quality components and the latest generation of double glazing technology.

Maximum security, robust, resilient design, and stylish appearance make owning our composite doors an obvious choice.

The Taylorglaze composite door is 70mm thick and very resilient too, thanks to its specially designed structure whilst the GRP finish means you'll be secure in all weathers. Our composite doors are also fully tested against foul weather of any kind (both wind and rain).

Pressurised chambers simulate winds of up to 80 miles an hour (more than is normal for most in the UK!). Our composite doors withstood these gusts.

Taylorglaze composite doors have fully heat welded mitred corners and mid rails and the exclusive multi chamber composite profile offers excellent heat saving and insulation. Options include a restrictor, low threshold for wheelchair access, plus side screens and top lights.

Other useful and reassuring features include:

  • Door frames and leafs steel reinforced and guaranteed for 10 years against discolouration.
  • Centre panel reinforced to resist assault.
  • Top of the range seals prevent leaks, draughts and heat loss.
  • Exceptional long life performance from highly resilient composition.
  • Attractive sight lines with smart glazing options.
  • Internal glazing bead for maximum intruder resistance.
  • All glass fitted will be low emissivity and / or toughened Composite.


Composite Doors Security Composite doors are a great front door or back door choice as they combine insulation and design flexibility with the highest standards of security.
Composite Doors Locking System

Meets and in most cases exceeds all insurance requirements.
‘Multi-point’ incorporating central dead bolt and latch, hook bolts, anti-lift pin and roller cams on opening side.
Unique locking receiver keep plate for additional security.
Keep plate screwed into steel reinforcing.
Total flexibility of adjustment.

Hinge System

High security hinges fitted as standard.
Endurance tested to 175,000 cycles, capable of carrying 80kg per hinge.
Full lateral and vertical adjustment and compression.
You can choose to have the hinge secured into frame by 2 dog bolts.


Superior quality screws used throughout.
Tested to 500 hours in salt spray and guaranteed 10 years against corrosion.

Colour finishes

Composite Doors Colour Finishes Let your composite doors reflect the unique style of your home! Shades available range from the traditional white or cream which imitates a painted wood look, through to wood effect finishes that look just like timber frames.

The choice of colour is yours, so you can pick the one that best suits the style of your home and your personal preference.

You can further personalise your composite doors to suit your home’s signature style by using our specialist colour match service. We can match your doors to literally any colour, from your front room to your flower bed.

The colour coating is a specially developed spray on paint that bonds perfectly to the composite door giving a smooth satin finish that forms an extra protective coating that never needs re-painting. It doesn’t chip, crack or flake, and is guaranteed to stay weatherproof for 10 years.

Our composite doors have a great choice of fittings (hinges, knockers, letterboxes etc.) so whether you choose gold, chrome or black to finish your door, you can be sure of a perfect match.

Plus you can choose from a wide range of glass designs including leaded lights, obscure glass and Georgian bars.

Glazing designs

Composite Doors Glazing Designs Composite doors can look absolutely stunning and form the centrepiece of your home’s look when you add any of a number of beautiful glazing options to complete your personal door design.

Taylorglaze offers an exclusive range of double glazed units, available in striking bevelled, coloured and leaded glass designs.

Bevelled glass gives the appearance of depth and so adds a glamorous and expensive looking touch to composite doors.

Coloured glass in a variety of shapes and shades is subtly added to the border or positioned in the centre of the door windows, see our gallery for inspiration.

Your composite doors can feature assorted traditional, diamond or Georgian leaded patterns across the whole surface of the glass or at the edges to create a lovely visual detail.

Why not combine some of these techniques to form your own unique look?.