Sleek and stylish uPVC bi-fold doors for effortless indoor-outdoor living

uPVC Bi Fold Doors Overview uPVC Bi-fold Doors are a sleek, modern choice for a patio or garden door as the strength of the material means they can be made to suit all tastes.

They fold right back to allow you to enjoy alfresco living in your home. Aluminium bifold doors also allow for an enormous amount of flexibility when it comes to style with a large choice of handles and a huge range of colours available.

uPVC Bifold Doors are a very affordable option and a lot of people select aluminium bifold doors because they are very long lasting because they can’t warp or rot.

uPVC Bifold Door frame is also specifically designed to let in the maximum amount of light, keep heat in and noise out using top of the range seals which makes it ideal for dark rooms, homes by busy roads or those that tend to get chilly very easily.

Aluminium door frames can be customised to suit your desired look for your home, with the potential to colour match them to your windows, porch or orangery.

Have a different colour inside and out to suit your décor or be set in a timber sub frame.

Features and benefits

uPVC Bi Fold Doors Features and Benefits uPVC Bi-fold doors can be installed in spaces that may at first glance seem too tight to accommodate them.

Even if you don’t have a fully available opening, we can easily alter any additional wall space you have to accommodate beautiful new folding sliding doors.

When our bifold doors are closed there are no externally accessible parts which can be removed, and screw fixings are concealed.

The sliding folding mechanism on the doors incorporates locking screw technology so that the hardware cannot be removed from the track when the bi-folding doors are in the closed position.

Other uPVC Bi-Fold Door Features include:

  • Slim yet secure frame allows greater vision and more light.
  • Bi-fold doors tested to meet accredited standards for security and severe weather.
  • Choice of low level threshold options with traditional sill available on all folding sliding doors.
  • Hinges and rollers have sealed bearing movement to allow all weights and sizes of bi-folding doors to be moved effortlessly.
  • Panels can be arranged to stack inside or outside to either side as well as many other opening combinations.
  • Energy efficient toughened glazing fitted as standard to all bi-folding doors.


uPVC Bi Fold Doors Security We want to give you peace of mind and allow you to relax in your home, safe in the knowledge that the uPVC Bi Fold doors we have fitted are the most secure on the market.

Your home will be protected by a door lock whose manufacturers have a reputation built up through one hundred years of securing properties, door locks that are trusted in more than 120 countries across the world.

uPVC Bi Fold doors comes with top of the range door locks and keys.

Inside and out, uPVC Bi Fold doors are made to the highest standard. There’s no need to worry, knowing your home is protected from intruders by door locks featuring a cylinder which is impossible to bump or break. All tested to the latest BS EN 1303:2005 security standards, recognised as a security asset by insurance companies.

Hinge System

High security hinges fitted as standard.
Endurance tested to 175,000 cycles, capable of carrying 80kg per hinge.
Full lateral and vertical adjustment and compression.
As an optional extra you can choose to have the hinge secured into frame by 2 dog bolts.


Superior quality screws used throughout.
Tested to 500 hours in salt spray and guaranteed 10 years against corrosion.

We fit the most secure uPVC Bi Fold doors on the market.

Colour finishes

uPVC Bi Fold Doors Colour Finishes Let your bi-folding doors be the gorgeous centrepiece of your outside space, shades available for a folding sliding door range from the traditional white or cream which imitates a painted wood look, through to wood effect finishes that look just like timber framed patio doors.

Standard colours are white, black, cream, grey, rosewood wood grain, light oak and Irish oak. The choice of colour is yours, so you can pick the one that best suits the style of your home and your personal preference. You can further personalise your bi-fold doors to suit your home’s signature style by using our specialist colour match service.

We can match your patio doors to literally any colour, from your front room to your flower bed. The colour coating is a specially developed spray on paint that bonds perfectly to the bi-folding doors giving a smooth satin finish that forms an extra protective coating that never needs re-painting.

It doesn’t chip, crack or flake, and is guaranteed to stay weatherproof for 10 years. There’s also a great choice of different handle styles!.

Glazing designs

uPVC Bifold Doors Glazing Designs Your new uPVC bifold doors merit a special touch and there are a number of striking glazing options available to add another unique and stylish twist to your home.

Taylorglaze offers an exclusive range of double glazed units, available in beautiful bevelled, coloured and leaded glass designs. Bevelled glass gives the appearance of depth and so adds a further gloss to your top quality uPVC bifold doors.

Coloured glass in a variety of shapes and shades is subtly added to the border or positioned in the centre of the window, see our gallery for inspiration.

Your uPVC bifold doors can feature assorted traditional, diamond or Georgian leaded patterns across the whole surface of the glass or at the edges to create a lovely visual detail.

If you’re worried that the slim uPVC frames and super clear glass might not be noticed by unwary visitors. You can choose from a wide range of stylish glass designs as a safety feature to stop people walking into your doors.