Elevate your living space with sleek and stylish flat roof lights!

Elevate your living space with sleek and stylish flat roof lights! Taylorglaze flat roof light installation teams work with homes throughout London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent delivering quality standard roof lights and roof lanterns.

We will tailor your flat roof lights however you wish and offer an expert design consultancy service at no extra cost.

We don’t believe in clunky bars obstructing your aerial views; get in touch for a minimalistic contemporary solution that meets your expectations.

Have you considered upgrading your house extension or orangery?

Taylorglaze flat roof lights are the ultimate solution if you want to brighten up your home inside and save money on electricity bills.

Introduce a stylish touch to your interior with our high-performance skylights and reap the benefits of excellent thermal performance all year round.

We tailor your flat roof lights to meet your precise specification and offer expert guidance throughout the roof light installation process to help you make informed decisions along the way.

Choose our professional team of skylight installers for a quality tailored service.

Choose our professional team of skylight installers for a quality tailored service. You know as well as we do that quality and style really do count.

Our supreme elegant roof ight solutions are designed with minimal sight lines creating the illusion of an open roof space and all aluminium exterior profiles are coloured according to your personal design preference.

We consider it our duty to match your flat roof lights with your home and garden design so you won’t be disappointed! Upgrade your conservatory, orangery or extension and use it all year round in comfort.

Externally the skylight will appear frameless as it’s created to sit flush with the plaster line internally. Flush glazing is used to create a sleek modern appearance and considered to be incredibly common for house extensions across London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent.

Homeowners often look for thermal performance before anything else when it comes to glass and our unrivalled double glazed roof lights are leading the way in today’s market for excellent thermal insulation and design.

Increase your view of the sky from the inside of your home!.

Why choose Taylorglaze flat roof lights?

Why choose Taylorglaze flat roof lights?
Supreme Aerial Views

Modernise your house extension and maximise your view of the sky with Taylorglaze ultra-thin sightlines. This minimalistic contemporary feature is guaranteed to add that sleek, modern appearance to your property externally and eliminates the requirement for clunky bars obstructing your view.

Tailored Design Finish

Choose any colour from our RAL colour range to complete the look of your flat roof lights. We specialise in delivering a tailored double glazing service for your property and offer expert design consultancy where required.

High Performance Glass

All glass supplied and installed by Taylorglaze is low-e insulated and toughened double glazed as standard with excellent solar control glass options also available. The glass U value is 1.0 W/M2K and offers a hassle-free and low maintenance glass that lasts!

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Thermal Insulation

Enjoy our market leading thermal double glazed flat roof lights designed to keep the heat in during the winter months, and out during the summer! Taylorglaze skylights reduce heat loss by over 60% and guarantee to keep your house extension toasty and warm throughout the cooler seasons. The overall U-value of the roof and glass combined is 1.3w/m2k (outperforming most of its rivals).

Low Maintenance

With Taylorglaze roof lights you don’t have to worry about climbing up and carrying out maintenance tasks. Reap the benefits of high-performance self-cleaning glass and quality finishes ensuring preservation for years to come.

Quality Materials

Unique aluminium capping is used externally and internally with a bespoke internal Upvc core providing excellent rigidity and structural security. You can opt for an insulated kerb up stand to complete the ideal roof light solution for your property.

10 Year Seal & Easy Clean Warranty

With all roof light installations we include a 10 year seal and easy clean warranty as standard. All glass supplied and installed is low-e insulated, low maintenance toughened double glazed as standard and guarantees excellent solar control where required.

Book a Free Roof Light Consultation Today Our teams here at Taylorglaze are fully qualified and experienced in the work they deliver.

Get in touch for your initial FREE roof light consultation and we will assist you to make informed decisions every step of the way.