LivinROOF Replacement Roof Installation in London, Essex, Hertfordshire & Kent


LivinROOF Roofing System

Has the time come for you to upgrade your conservatory roof or invest in a new high-performance roof for your new conservatory? LivinROOF could be just what you are looking for.

This is the first thermal plastered roof replacement system on the market that allows you to fuse glazed and solid roofing for the perfect balance.


Combine glazed and solid roof panels to suit your lifestyle requirements and create contemporary lighting effects that no other roofing system has been able to achieve so effortlessly to date.


TaylorGlaze glass roof replacements come with solar control features which can exclude up to 83% of the sun’s energy among so many more benefits.

10 Reasons to Choose LivinROOF Roofing System:

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1. Choose your preferred roof shape including Georgian, Gable, Lean To, P-Shape, T-Shape and Victorian. 2. Tailor your conservatory roof to enhance your home and garden with an excellent range of design features. 3. Brighten up your home all year round with excellent solar control. 4. Increase thermal efficiency with lowest ‘U’ Value possible- we can deliver glass roof solutions as low as 1.0. 5. Increase sound insulation creating a quieter home environment for less - eliminate outside traffic and noise. 6. Incorporate glazed panels to ensure lower energy usage. 7. Enjoy the self-cleaning and low maintenance benefits LivinROOF has to offer. 8. Classic PVC materials mean durability & waterproofing in preparation for the testing British weather. 9. Adapt your LivinROOF roofing system to fit any existing structure, large or small. 10. Enhance the appearance of your roof with the Classic Cornice designed to hide the ‘not so pretty’ guttering.

Its prefabricated design means:

Fast Installation Time No More On-Site Cutting Decrease Health & Safety Risk Enjoy Less Disruption at Home


Incorporating the LivinROOM Internal Pelmet

The LivinROOF brings stylish elegance to the inside of your conservatory incorporating the LivinROOM internal pelmet around the perimeter of the ceiling.

This feature allows for the installation of lights in places where a vaulted ceiling does not allow and all contributes to the cosy and warm home-like ambiance of your conservatory.


Externally the LivinROOF is designed to complement any style of property with a quality contemporary finish usually coloured urban grey.


Classic Roofing System

This is the first thermal plastered roof replacement system on the market that allows you to fuse glazed and solid roofing for the perfect balance.


The LivinROOF roof replacement system incorporates the market-leading classic roof which has been tried and tested on nearly 2 million installations throughout England and the UK; guaranteeing structural rigidity and weather protection.


LivinROOF Roof Replacement Gallery

Pop over to our LivinROOF gallery so you can see just how our high-performance LivinROOF roof replacement systems looks in situ.


We have included various photographs for your viewing pleasure and to demonstrate the design flexibility that comes with the LivinROOF roofing option.