RealROOF Replacement Roof Installation in London, Essex, Hertfordshire & Kent


RealROOF Tiled Roof Extension

The RealROOF tiled replacement system is designed to outperform the traditionally styled roof builds used across the UK.

This high-performance roofing solution combines elements of traditional British design with smart engineering solutions that guarantee to enhance your lifestyle and maximise use of space within your home.


With the RealROOF replacement system you can choose tiles or slates to dress the exterior of your conservatory and you can rely on our team of specialists to blend it in perfectly with your chosen home décor.


You can rely on our team of expert realROOF replacement specialists to tailor your roof according to your existing interior, and to match the existing finish on the outside to the spacious vaulted ceiling on the inside.


RealROOF is also approved by LABC (Local Authority Building Control).

10 Reasons to Choose RealROOF Replacement Solutions:

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1. Fast, non-disruptive and efficient installation guaranteed. 2. Specially designed so you can use your conservatory all year round regardless of the weather. 3. Exclude up to 83% of the sun’s energy & brighten up your home all year round with excellent solar control. 4. Tailor your conservatory roof to match the ultra-modern/traditional design of your property. 5. Enhance the feeling of space inside your conservatory. 6. Brighten up your home with the realROOF vaulted plastered ceiling. 7. Dress the exterior of your realRoof replacement system by opting for tiles or slates. 8. Increase thermal efficiency with lowest ‘U’ Value possible- we can deliver glass roof solutions as low as 1.0. 9. Increase sound insulation creating a quieter home environment for less - eliminate outside traffic and noise. 10. Enjoy the self-cleaning and low maintenance benefits LivinROOF has to offer.

Support Roofing Systems include:

Stone & Brick Piers Loggia Super Insulated Columns Aluminium Posts

Structural Rigidity without Extra Support from Portals & Lintels

The RealROOF tiled replacement system is designed to outperform the traditionally styled roof builds used across the UK


Full elevations of bi-fold doors and windows can be installed without the extra support of portals and lintels resulting in a less costly roofing system.


The realROOF replacement system guarantees structural rigidity using a patented box beam and Kingspan Unidek Super Insulated Aero Structural roof panels instead.


Make informed decisions with TaylorGlaze and there will be no need for all the added features.

RealROOF Roof Replacement Gallery

Pop over to our RealROOF gallery so you can see just how our high-performance realROOF roof replacement systems looks in situ.


We have included various photographs for your viewing pleasure and to demonstrate the design flexibility that comes with realROOF roofing option.