UltraROOF380 Replacement Roof Installation in London, Essex, Hertfordshire & Kent


UltraRoof380 Tiled Roofing System

The UltraROOF380 is the most advanced replacement roof on the market today and has a fantastic reputation for its high-tech features making up the vaulted plastered ceiling inside your conservatory.

This high-performance roofing solution guarantees to provide smart insulation and solar control throughout the year, meaning you can eliminate the common conservatory issues of feeling ‘too hot’ in the summer and ‘too cold’ in the winter months.


Select a combination of glazed panels for the perfect amount of light to enter and complete your design with a full range of additional features including the Velux window which is designed to help you project light into the adjacent room.


Our team of experts here at TaylorGlaze knows exactly what is required to tailor your roofing system according to your precise requirements. Due to its prefabricated design your lifestyle at home can continue as usual during the design and build process and with minimal disruption.


The UltraRoof380 is installed quickly, efficiently and with minimal waste compared to other tiled roofing solutions.

Choose Performance

TaylorGlaze incudes high performance glazing that can be used to further enhance your conservatory room with a range of options linking to your personal design preferences. You choose how bright you would like your room to be throughout the year, you choose where to hang your lighting and other added fixtures, and you choose whether you would like a hint of contemporary modern or to stick with traditional. We provide Aluminium or Tile Roof Capping to match your needs and can even match your fascia boards to your existing window frames by opting for external fascia in White, Black, Rosewood or Oak effects.

10 Reasons to Choose UltraROOF380 Roof Replacement:

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1. Reap the benefits of the most advanced roof replacement system on the market. 2. Enjoy the high-tech features making up the vaulted plaster ceiling inside your conservatory. 3. Tailor your conservatory roof to enhance your home and garden with an excellent range of design features. 4. Exclude up to 83% of the sun’s energy & brighten up your home all year round with excellent solar control. 5. Increase thermal efficiency with lowest ‘U’ Value possible- we can deliver glass roof solutions as low as 1.0. 6. Increase sound insulation creating a quieter home environment for less - eliminate outside traffic and noise. 7. Enjoy the self-cleaning and low maintenance benefits UltraROOF380 has to offer. 8. Classic PVC materials mean durability & waterproofing in preparation for the testing British weather. 9. Adapt your UltraRoof380 roofing system to fit any existing structure, large or small. 10. Enhance your living space with any lighting of your choice using the LivinROOM internal pelmet.

LivinROOM Internal Pelmet

With UltraROOF380 you will create the opportunity to choose any lighting you want including down lights, mood lighting, hang pendant lights and more. The reason for this is the installation of the LivinROOM internal pelmet which is situated around the perimeter of the ceiling.


UltraRoofF380 Roof Replacement Gallery

Reap the benefits of the most advanced roof replacement system on the market.


Pop over to our UltraRoofF380 gallery so you can see just how our high-performance UltraRoofF380 roof replacement systems looks in situ.


We have included various photographs for your viewing pleasure and to demonstrate the design flexibility that comes with the UltraRoof380 roofing option.