Renew your conservatory comfort with a brand new conservatory roof

Renew your conservatory comfort with a brand new conservatory roof Many older conservatories suffer from inadequate insulation, leading to discomfort during the sweltering summer heat and chilly winter days. Fortunately, the solution is simple – consider a replacement conservatory roof!

Our innovative designs can be seamlessly integrated into your current conservatory, eliminating the need for costly structural changes.

SupaLite offers a diverse range of conservatory roof solutions, from solid to glass options, ensuring you'll find the ideal fit for your needs.

Tiled conservatory roof

Tiled conservatory roof Celebrate year-round comfort in your conservatory with the SupaLite Roof.

160mm of insulation and a waterproof membrane, ensuring that your space remains cozy during winter and cool during summer.

Personalise your conservatory's appearance with our ExtraLight roofing tiles, available in a range of colours to seamlessly blend with your property's aesthetics.

This transformation doesn't just stop at the roof; we offer seamless plastering and even optional spotlights, making your conservatory a true extension of your home—perfect for relaxation, entertainment, or simply enjoying the view.

Slate conservatory roof

Slate conservatory roof Discover the SupaLite Roof in a lightweight slate finish, maintaining the same impeccable standards with over 160mm of insulation while offering you an additional style choice.

Choose from a selection of elegant Tapco Slate colors, including Chestnut Brown, Brick Red, Pewter Gray, Charcoal Black, and Plum, to seamlessly complement your home's aesthetic.

With plastered ceilings and the option for internal lighting, your conservatory transforms into a functional living space, perfect for all your needs

5 advantages of upgrading your conservatory roof

5 advantages of upgrading your conservatory roof
1. Maintain Year-Round Comfort:

Enhance your conservatory's insulation with a new roof, ensuring a pleasant temperature in every season.

2. Create Additional Living Space:

Transform your conservatory into an extension of your home, serving as a versatile area for a second living room, home office, gym, or whatever suits your needs.

3. Boost Home Value:

Traditional conservatories may not add much functional value, but upgrading the roof can turn it into an extra room, increasing the overall value of your home.

4. Cost-Effective Solution:

Opting for a conservatory roof replacement proves to be a budget-friendly way to maximise the utility of your existing space, offering a more economical alternative to constructing a new conservatory or extension.

5. Regulatory Compliance:

Rest easy knowing that all our conservatory roofs meet industry standards, boasting JHAI approval and compliance with Building Regulations.

Upgrade your conservatory roof today and unlock a world of comfort, versatility, and added value for your home, all while staying compliant with industry standards. Elevate your living space with a simple transformation!